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About the Tu language

Tu, also known as Mongor, Mongour, Monguor, Qighaan Mongghul is a language of China.

It has over 150,000 users in the Gansu province; Qinghai province: Hui, Huzhu Tu, and Minhe Tu autonomous counties.

Dialects include; Huzhu (Halchighol, Mongghul, Naringhol), Minhe (Mangghuer). Reportedly most divergent of all Mongolian languages. Dialects reported not inherently mutually intelligible. Huzhu: 150,000 people, 50,000 speakers; Minhe: 25,000. Dongren Huzhu considered standard. Dialects of Huzhu: Halchi, Karlong (18,000), and Naringhol.

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